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Established in the vibrant heart of Colombo in 2007, Aspect Immigration (Pvt) Ltd has been your trusted partner in turning dreams of global exploration into reality. What started as a passionate endeavor by Mr. S. R. Vikneshwaran has blossomed into a renowned immigration agency that empowers individuals to embark on exciting journeys to foreign lands. With our recent incorporation as a limited liability company in 2023, we stand even more committed to delivering excellence and ensuring your aspirations take flight.

Our Journey

Aspect Immigration's story is one of dedication, expertise, and success. Mr. S. R. Vikneshwaran's visionary leadership steered our agency from its humble beginnings as an individual endeavor to the pinnacle of immigration services. His personalized approach, combined with an in-depth understanding of immigration processes, has facilitated the seamless relocation of countless individuals across the globe. Our legacy of successful client placements is a testament to his expertise and the commitment we hold dear.


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